Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Conspiracies or just theories?

Recently I read a book called "A Place Called Here" by Cecilia Ahern. It is about a girl who obsesses on looking for missing things. You know when you wash a pair of socks, but you never find the other one. Actually I found the book so boring, that I never finished it, but I find the idea interesting of a place where all the missing things go. Like a heaven for lost things. Once when I was little I got a camera for my birthday. You know one of those fake cameras, which spray water when you push the button. Well, I and my friends were quite wired from all the cake and we started spraying on the wallpaper, so my mother took away the camera. She hid it "at a safe place", and I was supposed to get it back after the party. Well, we never found the camera. Ever. My mother didn't even know where it disappeared. And I still keep losing things.

I've always liked weird stories about surreal and supernatural stories. Take the novel "Nineteen Eighty-Four" by George Orwell for instance. The idea of having a "big brother" that watches over everyones life. Writing that novel in 1949, Orwell wasn't so far away from the truth, only he picked the year wrong. I mean, I have at least 16 surveillance cameras on the way from my place to the centre square, which is like 700 meters away. Sure, we (the public) are told that those are surveillance cameras for the protection against theft for whatever companies put them up. But what if we actually are being watched? I mean, you don't really know who is watching the footage. I don't want to get all paranoid, but I'm just saying. We are always told that all these things with surveillance cameras, fingerprints and whatnots are there for our protection. To prevent crimes and to protect the citizens against bad people. What if it really is about keeping an eye on the people?

Conspiracies and conspiracy theories is a well discussed subject. We have the events behind 9/11 for instance. There are a lot of videos concerning this matter. An interesting one is "In Plane Sight  Director's Cut", which you can find on YouTube. Then there's the climate change and global warming. The mass media is mostly owned by a small group. Take the Finnish media for example. Most major magazines are owned by the same company. If you take a look at the magazines, you find that a majority of the articles are almost the same. They come from the same source; the magazines use the same news agencies, which at their part are owned by a limited group of companies. The sources considered "reliable" are usually the government and the authorities. But can we really trust that they are who we should believe? Of course it's a lot about who we choose to trust. I just think that everyone should look into the matters from several points of view. I'd like to go back to global warming. There has been a lot of discussion on whether it is a hoax or not. A while back I read an article about scientists that had substantial proof that there in fact is no such thing as global warming. It is just regular variation. At some point a new ice age is in fact inevitable...

As a counter development we have the so called free media, which is (at least trying to be) independent and looking at things from a different angle. However it all comes down on who you choose to listen to and trust. The important thing is to keep an open mind and not believe blindly in everything you are being told. At least without looking into the matters from different points of view. That's what I'm trying to do.