Friday, October 3, 2014

New beginnings

My new company invited me for a visit in Germany in the end of June. I saw the company, met a bunch of people and signed the contract. Now it was official. My original thought was to start at the company in the beginning of October and have the entire month of September to work on and finalize my thesis. However, the company wanted me to start in the beginning of September, or actually the end of August, because that was the time for the biggest exhibition in the business and a perfect time to start. Also the Finnish colleague would need me to help at the exhibitions in Sweden and Finland.

So that was it. I started packing up my stuff and arranged a huge sale to get rid of as much as possible. I would only take my sofa, my mattress and my piano with me. And of course I couldn’t bear to part from my kitchen stuff. I literally sold more than half of my things and it felt SO liberating! In the end I stayed loyal to my original thought, with the exception of taking my wardrobe with me as well. All the money I raised would go to buying a car. Which I wasn’t really happy about, buying a car that is, but the company is situated in such a distant place, that I wouldn’t really have a choice. 

I enjoyed my last summer in Tampere with a lot of sunsets and sunrises.

When it became clear that I was moving from Finland, many people started asking me when my farewell party was going to be. At first I told everyone, that I wasn't going to have the time to arrange a party, so some people starting talking (in front of me) about arranging a surprise party. After giving it a bit of thought, I decided to stay true to my nature, and throw a massive party. I realized that it would be the perfect way of saying goodbye to everyone. I booked a penthouse sauna and arranged a massive German-themed party. It was so much fun, and I had around 70 guests throughout the evening and night. People seemed to have fun and I was very happy too. I know I'll miss both the city and the people SO much, but at least I had the chance so say proper goodbyes and throw an epic party. 

My last day at the old company was the 22nd of August, which left me with five whole days before leaving to Germany. I had decided to keep the apartment in Tampere until the end of September, since my first 3,5 weeks on the job I’d spend traveling around at exhibitions. Almost everything was packed or sold though, so I’d basically just have to put everything in the moving van and drive off. It was time. Exciting!

Almost ready to move out.

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