Tuesday, March 13, 2012


These last few days I have been thinking a lot about honesty. Why do people lie? Well, usually it is either to protect themselves or others. Some justify their lies by saying that they didn't want to hurt the other one's feelings. But lies have a way of coming out. Usually one lie leads to another and they have a tendancy to create a mess that is hard to get out of without everyone getting hurt anyway. When you lie to someone, you don't really respect that person enough to believe that they are strong enough to understand the truth. But those people you try to "protect" may be a lot stronger than you give them credit for.

Then what about insted of lying, you just don't tell the other person something you know. Is that lying as well? I think it is. That really shows the lack of respect you have for that person. Even though you may think, that it's easier for that person that they don't know something, isn't it their privileague to have the information and then do what they want with it? Especially if the silence only is kept to protect yourself.

But this is a difficult subject. What if you know something about someone, but it really isn't your place to tell? What is the right solution? What is the moral thing to do?

I am not saying, that I've never lied in my life. Because I have. I have also been lied to. And I have been kept in the dark. It's not a great feeling. It hurts. A lot. Especially if it is done by a person you trust. Or at least you think you could trust.

But then there is a situation that's even worse. You know that you're being kept in the dark, but you can't get an explanation for it. That's just completely gutless and cowardly.

Many times the truth is valued a lot, even though it might be painful at first.

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